Top 3 GPS Trackers with No Monthly Fees for Cars, Vehicles, Kids, and More

In this article, we will be exploring three top-notch GPS tracking devices available on Amazon. These devices offer reliable and accurate tracking capabilities, ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones, assets, and vehicles. Each product has its unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you need a compact and discreet tracker or a powerful asset tracking device with a long battery life, we've got you covered. Join us as we delve into the world of GPS trackers and discover the best options for your tracking needs.

Product Description

Product #1: No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker - Family1st

Product #1

The No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker by Family1st is a portable and discreet tracking device that offers real-time 4G LTE GPS tracking. With up to 5-second updates, you can easily monitor the location of your cars, vehicles, kids, elderly, or teens. Whether you want to keep an eye on your loved ones or track your valuable assets, this compact GPS tracker is the perfect solution.

One of the standout features of this device is its long battery life of up to 2 weeks, thanks to its 2400 Milliamp hours battery capacity. You can rely on it for extended periods without worrying about frequent charging. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime warranty, which gives you peace of mind knowing that you're investing in a high-quality product.

The No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker offers a user-friendly experience with its desktop web-access and smartphone app. You can access real-time alerts, set up geofencing, review location history, and generate customizable reports. This tracker also stands out for its lack of subscription fees, saving you money in the long run. Plus, the 24/7 customer support ensures that you have assistance whenever you need it.

Product #2: LoneStar Tracking Oyster3 5G GPS Tracker for Assets

Product #2

The LoneStar Tracking Oyster3 5G GPS Tracker is a reliable and durable device designed for asset and vehicle tracking. With its compact size and waterproof construction, this tracker can withstand harsh weather conditions and various environments. Whether you need to track your car, fleet, or valuable assets, this GPS tracker is up to the task.

One of the standout features of this device is its impressive battery life of up to 7 years. This long-lasting power source ensures that you can track your assets without worrying about frequent battery replacements. Additionally, it offers geofencing capabilities, allowing you to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the tracker enters or exits those areas.

The LoneStar Tracking Oyster3 5G GPS Tracker comes with a mobile app that provides real-time tracking and monitoring. You can easily access the location information of your assets and make informed decisions. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, this tracker is suitable for both personal and professional use.

Product #3: Linxup Fleet GPS Tracker and Monitoring System

Product #3

The Linxup Fleet GPS Tracker and Monitoring System is a comprehensive solution for real-time location tracking and monitoring of company vehicles. It offers reliable and accurate tracking capabilities for professional vehicles, including local and over-the-road fleets. With this system, you can ensure the efficiency and safety of your fleet operations.

One of the standout features of this GPS tracker is its wide coverage area, which includes the US, Canada, and Mexico. This allows you to track your vehicles across different regions, making it ideal for companies with operations in multiple countries. The wireless connectivity technology ensures seamless and reliable communication between the tracker and the monitoring system.

The Linxup Fleet GPS Tracker comes with an OBD GPS tracker and installation instructions for 4G cellular data. This easy-to-install device allows you to quickly set up the tracking system for your fleet. With its supported application for alarms, you can receive alerts for various events, such as speeding or unauthorized vehicle use. This helps you maintain control over your fleet and improve overall operations.

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Pros and Cons

Product #1: No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker - Family1st

Pros: 1. 1 Year Subscription Included: With the purchase of this GPS tracker, you will receive a 1-year subscription, saving you from any additional monthly fees. 2. Portable and Discreet: The compact design of this tracker allows for easy portability and discreet placement in cars, vehicles, or on individuals. 3. Long Battery Life: The tracker features a battery capacity of 2400 Milliamp hours, providing a battery life of up to 336 hours, ensuring reliable tracking for extended periods.

Cons: 1. Limited Connectivity Technology: This GPS tracker uses cellular connectivity technology, which means it may not have the same coverage as other trackers that use advanced technologies. 2. Supported Application Limited to Alarm: The supported application for this tracker is limited to alarm functionality, which may not meet the needs of users looking for more advanced tracking features. 3. No Included Components: Unlike some other trackers, this product does not come with any included components other than the battery, which may require additional purchases for installation or usage.

Product #2: LoneStar Tracking Oyster3 5G GPS Tracker for Assets

Pros: 1. Long Battery Life: This GPS tracker boasts an impressive battery life of up to 7 years, ensuring long-term asset tracking without the need for frequent battery replacements. 2. Waterproof and Durable: The tracker is designed to be waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions, ensuring reliable tracking even in challenging environments. 3. Advanced Features: With features like GPS tracking, geofencing, and a mobile app, this tracker offers users a comprehensive set of tools for effective asset tracking and management.

Cons: 1. Subscription Required: To fully utilize the features of this GPS tracker, a subscription is required, which may involve additional costs beyond the initial purchase price. 2. Limited Supported Application: While the tracker supports GPS functionality, it may not offer extensive compatibility with other applications, limiting its versatility for certain use cases. 3. No Included Components: Apart from the GPS tracker and batteries, there are no additional components included, which may require users to purchase additional accessories for installation or usage.

Product #3: Linxup Fleet GPS Tracker and Monitoring System

Pros: 1. Real-Time Location Tracking: This GPS tracker provides real-time location tracking for company vehicles, enabling businesses to monitor their fleets efficiently and make informed decisions. 2. Easy Installation: The Linxup OBD GPS Tracker comes with installation and activation instructions, making it easy for users to set up and start tracking their vehicles without any hassle. 3. US, Canada, and Mexico Tracking: With support for tracking in the US, Canada, and Mexico, this GPS tracker is ideal for professional fleets operating in North America.

Cons: 1. Limited Compatibility: This GPS tracker is not compatible with all regions, as indicated by customer feedback stating that it does not work in Canada. Users should ensure compatibility with their specific location before making a purchase. 2. Wireless Connectivity Technology: Unlike some other trackers that use cellular connectivity, this device relies on wireless connectivity technology, which may have limitations in terms of coverage and reliability. 3. Supported Application Limited to Alarm: Similar to product #1, this tracker's supported application is limited to alarm functionality, which may not satisfy users seeking more advanced tracking features.

Please note that the pros and cons listed above are based on the information provided and customer feedback. It is recommended to thoroughly research and consider your specific needs before making a purchase decision.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, customer reviews play a crucial role in helping us gauge the quality and performance of a product. Here, we will take a look at the customer reviews and overall ratings for each of the three GPS trackers.

Product #1: No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker - Family1st

With an impressive overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, the No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker by Family1st has garnered positive feedback from users. Customers appreciate its compact design and discreet tracking capabilities. One satisfied buyer mentioned, "So, in the 1st two weeks of using my new tracker it actually fell off of the vehicle & was lost forever. Good thing I was using the suggested magneti..." Another user highlighted the accuracy of the tracker, stating, "I have a new 16-year-old driver and wanted to know where he was going with our van. The GPS tracker shows me accurately where the van is located and w..."

However, a few customers encountered some issues with the product. One user mentioned the lack of instructions and experienced difficulties while charging the tracker. They said, "First thing to note is that there were no instructions included. So, I went ahead and started charging the tracker. It started with a 'normal' red LED..." Another customer faced battery-related problems, stating, "Tracking worked for a while. Battery went to 49% turned off and can't get it back working. Instructions are only online and garbage..."

Product #2: LoneStar Tracking Oyster3 5G GPS Tracker for Assets

The LoneStar Tracking Oyster3 GPS Tracker for Assets boasts an impressive 5-star overall rating. Customers are particularly impressed with its long battery life of up to 7 years and its waterproof design. Unfortunately, no specific customer reviews were available for this product.

Product #3: Linxup Fleet GPS Tracker and Monitoring System

The Linxup Fleet GPS Tracker and Monitoring System has received positive feedback from users, earning an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Customers appreciate its real-time location tracking and monitoring capabilities for professional vehicles. One customer shared their positive experience, stating, "Working like a champ. I'm able to see exactly where my employees are. No more excuses."

Overall, these GPS trackers have received favorable reviews from customers, with each product offering unique features and benefits. However, it is important to consider individual needs and preferences when selecting the right GPS tracker for your specific requirements.


After carefully reviewing the features and feedback from buyers, it is clear that each of the three GPS trackers offers unique advantages for different needs.

Product #1, the No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker by Family1st, stands out for its compact design, long battery life, and real-time tracking capabilities. It is an excellent choice for monitoring vehicles, assets, and personal belongings. With no subscription fee and 24/7 customer support, it provides a hassle-free experience. However, some users reported issues with the instructions and initial setup.

Product #2, the LoneStar Tracking Oyster3 5G GPS Tracker, offers an impressive battery life of up to 7 years and is waterproof, making it ideal for long-term asset tracking. While it requires a subscription, it provides reliable and accurate location data. It may not be as suitable for personal use or tracking vehicles due to its specialized features.

Product #3, the Linxup Fleet GPS Tracker and Monitoring System, is specifically designed for professional fleets. It offers real-time location tracking, monitoring, and alerts for both local and over-the-road fleets. It provides comprehensive insights and helps optimize fleet operations. However, it may be an overkill for individual users or small-scale tracking needs.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a versatile GPS tracker with no monthly fees, the No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker by Family1st is the top choice. For long-term asset tracking, the LoneStar Tracking Oyster3 5G GPS Tracker is unbeatable. And for professional fleet management, the Linxup Fleet GPS Tracker and Monitoring System is the most suitable option. Evaluate your specific needs and choose the GPS tracker that best aligns with your requirements.

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